Cloud Operations

Quantaleap is an automation platform that allows you to respond to the most crucial events that are happening within your IT environment

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Be among the first to join a new movement in cloud computing

Resolve cloud infrastructure performance, security & cost issues in no time

Contextual Triggers

We deploy state of the art algorithms to create actionable insights from events that are happening within your cloud environment.

You can run automation workloads as a direct response to these insights to remediate incidents.

Resource Actions

Choose between a wide range of tasks to accelerate operations without having to write scripting and tooling to integrate API's from different vendors.

Resource actions are the building blocks to combine multiple resource specific tasks into small units to get the work done.

Seamless Integration

Integrate 3th party services within your workflows to keep downstream services in the loop. Incident management can be streamlined from beginning to end.

Supported for multiple clouds and tools

Build, scale and accelerate your cloud infrastructure in a sustainable way without vendors getting into the way.