IT Operations for any cloud

Quantaleap unites DevOps and Data Science to help engineering teams see the light when managing cloud environments.

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1. Transform Data

Monitoring data and application logs are difficult to interpret. We use Machine Learning to analyze, optimize, and cross-reference your data. The results are carefully tailored insights that reveal what is happening within your cloud environment - from immediate threats to forecasted incidents.

Transform Data

2. Build Workflows

Insights are fed into automation workflows, unlocking powerful remediation strategies. Orchestrate cloud services or infrastructure workloads to reconfigure themselves based on unusual consumption patterns. The use cases are endless.

Workflow Item

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Workflow Item

3. Scale Operations

Push DevOps at scale by turning operations initiatives into digital blueprints that can be applied across multiple environments. Observability-As-Code will enable you to streamline complex IT operations at the pace of product development.

why this matters

Cloud Engineering Should Be Fun
& Sustainable

In an ideal world, people can focus on developing the products they love without the burden of technical debt. It’s a big topic within the industry since maintaining cloud environments prevents us from delivering value. We envision a world where autonomous IT can support sustainable innovation.